Monday, 31 October 2016


One of my appointments as a Salvation Army Officer was Blackpool where I lived for two years from 1988-1990. Whenever I have the opportunity to visit I am thankful, especially when I have the chance to meet up with friends.

My first few days spent in Blackpool this year was at the Blue C Hotel in North Shore attending a workshop with Crafter's Retreat led by my friend Elizabeth. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and even had a Christmas Dinner and and a Boxing Day Lunch even if it was only October!

Here are just a few of the cards I made over the weekend.

There was also chance to look at the Light Tableaux along North Shore. I have to say that there are not many places that I feel safe to be walking by myself at midnight!!

On Sunday afternoon I made my way to the South Shore to spend some time with Allan, Eileen and Sonia. The next few days were spent in many different places including the Promenade viewing the Glitter Ball, the Big One and yet more waves!! We also visited a Garden Centre and enjoyed a lovely Indian meal!!!

I left Blackpool on Thursday and travelled to Rochdale to spend time with some more good friends who I have known for over 20 years. During my time with Lisa and Peter, Lisa celebrated her birthday at the Milon Indian restaurant in Oldham, where she was given a surprise of an indoor firework, a dessert and a rendition of Happy Birthday by the staff.

And so with the last week spent at home catching u with the laundry, installing a new computer and spending a couple of days at mums helping her with a few things, my Sabbatical comes to an end.

I am grateful to the Salvation Army for giving me this opportunity to take time out, spending time to understand more about myself and the God I serve. I thank God for all the lessons I have learnt, and all the people I have met who have enriched my experience over the last few months.

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